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Best Gifts for a Figure Skater

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Best Gifts to Give a Figure Skater

Tips on what to give a figure skater

When my daughter started figure skating, I had a hard time finding gifts that related to her sport. Local stores at the mall had no gifts for ice skaters. So I searched online and found the best sites from which to buy the best skating gifts. I am putting the ideas and links up here as well as some ideas for gifts you can make and even a few you can just pick at Target or another local store.

Please let me know if you have other ideas for ice skating gifts. I would love to hear from other skate moms who found good figure skating gifts. If you are a figure skater, let me know your favorite skate gift ideas to add to the list.

I tweet when I find good skate deals so follow me on Twitter.

Zuca bag

ZÜCA Starz and Pink Sport Frame & Bag

Every figure skater wants a ZÜCA bag , the stylish little suitcase with a frame sturdy enough to double as a seat. And there are so many hot designs out there now! The frames and bags are sold separately so even if she already has one, get a second bag for a new look. They are expensive, but worth it. By the way, these things never seem to go on sale anywhere, but Amazon does seem to have a fair price.

14K Gold Ice Skates Charm Figure Skating 16.5mm

Try finding a delicate little 14 K gold skate charm like this at the mall . . . .  You just can’t find figure skate-themed jewelry down the street.  But I found some beautiful skating jewelry online.

14k Gold Diamond Ice Skate Charm (1/10 cttw)

Wowee! Check out this gold and diamond skate charm!   This pretty ice skate charm is crafted from solid 14 karat gold and decorated with genuine diamond accents (1/10 cttw). Offered in your choice of white or yellow gold, it features a lobster-claw clasp that attaches easily to just about any chain or bracelet.

Sterling Silver 3D Ice Figure Skate Earrings 925

Gotta have the sterling silver figure skate earrings dangling from your ears.

Figure Skate T-Shirt

Sometimes you want to show the world you skate. It’s hard to find skating-themed t-shirts in stores, but most print-on-demand online shops have a ton of choices. Anyone can submit designs at these places, so you have to sift through quite a few amateur designs before finding the good ones. When I get time I plan to try to come up with a few of my own designs.  Meanwhile, here are some from Zazzle.

create custom t-shirts at Zazzle

Figure Skate Mug

Zazzle and the other print-on-demand online stores also offer other figure skating gift items like mugs.

buy unique gifts at Zazzle

Tickets to Ice Show

Check in your neighborhood to see if an ice show is in town.


Ratty old tights are OK for practice, but a new pair of skate tights can make you feel like you are skating in a competition, even if you’re not.  Maybe they can even make you skate better.  Amazon has a ton of styles both over-the-boot and under-the-boot.

Amazon has a ton of styles.

Blade Covers

Soakers wear out quickly.  A new pair in a colorful shade will make taking care of blades more fun.

Size Large Terry Cloth Blade Covers / Soakers

DVD Carrying Case

Skaters carry their own music to the rink to prepare for competition. Give her a glittery cd case to keep her music scratch free.  Maybe put her name and phone number on it, as these tend to get left behind. I could not find any extra specialones online, but look at Target or Best Buy etc.

Figure Skating Fleece Throw Blanket

You may use it more than she does if you are the one who watches her practice, but this fleece throw with ice skates on it is comfy and warm. This one is great or look at the local fabric store . . . . there is an off chance they have material and you could make on.

Hair Scrunchies

Pick up a few pretty hair scrunchies at the local Target or beauty supply.  Drug stores often have good ones.  Heck even the dolar stores sometimes have OK ones. If you sew, these are easy to make just using basic elastic and pretty fabric.

Books about Skaters (and bookmarks, too)

Books about Skaters and Skating from Amazon will show you a ton of books. If you buy anything from Amazon, please use my link (I am an Amazon affiliate).  Bookmarks with a skate theme make a good gift as well if you can find any.  I am going to design some and put them up for sale soon.

Artistic Skates mousepad
Artistic Skates by passionforskating
Create a mousemat on zazzle

Crafts about Skating

Check at your local Michaels or Joanns or other craft store for scrapbooking items about figure skating such as these and others.

Jolees Boutique Themed Ornate Stickers, Figure Skating

Christmas Tree Ornaments with Skate Theme
Cool Christmas Tree Ornaments with Ice Skate Theme will link you up with some great holiday ornaments you can order online.  Ornaments is one area where the stores do seem to have a lot of choices, so look at Hallmark or stores in the mall.  I find Kohls has great ornaments.

Brand new skates and a new competition dress are great gifts as well, but I think the skater has to try these on.  So you might consider making up your own coupon for these gifts.  By the way, some of these ideas would work as a great holiday gift for a skating coach as well.  Good luck finding the right figure skating gift and let me know if this list helped.

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Obama Chia: Is it bad enough to be a great gift?

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Obama Chia Determined[/caption]

Obama Chia Happy

Obama Chia Happy

Obama Chia Determined


Is an Obama Chia cool?

A knicknack in really bad taste can be a great gift simply because of its ironic value. Small tasteless, inexpensive items can be so goofy we find them oddly appealing. The Chia Pet, that terra cotta sculpture in the shape of a sheep that spouts chia seeds, has endured for more than two decades as a classic campy gift.

Although Chia Pets started out as a Chia Ram, over the years the company has offered lions, bunnies, donkeys and even licensed cartoon characters like Scooby Doo and Shaggy, Sponge Bob, and Homer Simpson.

Now I learn from an article in the LA Times that we are being offered an Obama Chia. In fact, we can get three presidents: Chia Obama, Chia Washington, and Chia Lincoln.

According the the Times, however, the company is having a tough time getting stores to sell the Obama Chia because stores are afraid people will think it racist.

Looking online, however, I see a number of stores, including Amazon, are selling.

My husband teaches in the politics department of a liberal arts college and he has several shelves devoted to his campy collection of political busts. Over the years he has bought or been given dozens of busts of leaders throughout history. His birthday is in November and last year I got him a President Obama bobblehead right after the election.  I’m trying to decide if the Obama Chia is the proper tone of tastelessness to enhance his collection. Is it just stupid? Or is it cool?  Still thinking about it.

And if I do decide to get one, which version should I get?

They offer Happy Obama Chia, and Determined Obama Chia. What do you think? Happy, determined, or none of the above?

Darth Maul Picking His Nose

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Darth Maul picking his nose at Halloween parade.

Darth Maul picking his nose at Halloween parade.[/caption]

My son got a kick out of having Darth Maul pick his nose during the Halloween parade at school.

He has been Darth Vader, a Clone Trooper, and Bobba Fett.  The Super Deluxe Darth Maul costume we got online this year was by far the best. Next year, the mask comes off, we strap on some swords and  . . . voila!  ninja!

We highly recommend this costume. Well-made, easy-to-wear. You actually see out of little holes in the eyebrows, so the eyes look really creepy.  Little kids got scared.

Of course, ya gotta buy the gloves extra as well as the double-sided lightsaber. Darth Maul’s double-sided lightsaber makes the costume complete.

Star Wars Duel Action Lightsaber – SITH

Look for the words “Super Deluxe Darth Maul” when you order if you want the costume pictures above.  The plain old “deluxe” is not quite the same.  He is 9 and fit the size large with room to grow.

The best thing about the costume is that it can be used to make other looks in the future.

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