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Support Claremont High School Cheer

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament and Dinner

Meet CHS parents and supporters and play poker on Friday, June 29, 2021 at the Doubletree Hotel (555 W Foothill, Claremont).

The $60 donation includes dinner and drinks for tournament players. Dinner only is available for a $25 donation. Raffles throughout the evening.

All players must be checked in by 6 pm. Tournament begins promptly at 6:30

Proceeds go to Claremont High School Cheer. For info contact me at:




Dine out at Chili’s Thursday: Support CHS Varsity Cheer

Chili’s Restaurant is supporting Claremont High School Varsity Cheer on Thursday, June 21, 2012. With each flyer presented on that day, Chili’s will donate 15% of the sales you bring in to CHS Varsity Cheer.

Just print Claremont CHS Varsity Cheer Night at Chilis and bring in to the restaurant.

Lego Sopwith Camel Plane Promotions Set 10226

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

NEW LEGO® Exclusive
10226 – Sopwith Camel, Available Now!

Build and fly a huge Lego replica of the famous British biplane loaded with rare bricks and functions to match its real-life counterpart!

You can only get Lego set 10226 from or Lego stores. And man, is it cool.

The details on this replica amaze: realistic rotating propeller and engine cylinders; hinged tail rudder; realistic tension wires; functioning wing ailerons; and tail flaps that can be controlled from the cockpit.

Plus if you order early, you can get a FREE Exclusive Mini Sopwith Camel on $75 or more from The offer is valid June 1-30 2012 (or while supplies last).

FREE Shipping on orders of $75 or more. Offer valid June 1-15, 2012.

FREE Exclusive Mini Sopwith Camel with orders of $75 or more. Offer valid June 1-30, 2012.

Shop Amazon – Father’s Day Gifts

Best Mother’s Day Present Ever

Sunday, May 6th, 2012 Weekly Promotion! Save on $25 Gift Certificates!



Mom. She does so much for everyone else. Isn’t it time she took care of herself for a change?


Fourteen years ago I became a mother in April, and for my first Mother’s Day in May I asked for a membership in an all-women’s gym. I worked full-time. My baby kept me up all night. I was a walking zombie most of the time. I was not sure I would have the time or energy to actually go to a gym. But I needed Me Time. We got a three-month membership to The Spa, Fitness for Women in Upland just to try it out.

What a Godsend the Spa became! When I stepped through the doors I left the hectic world behind. When those doors shut last year due to financial problems, I was devastated, as were hundreds of other ladies who had been going there for years. Some of us started a Facebook Page to connect. We were thrilled when we learned that a former owner was taking back the facility and was going to renew the place and open it up as Shirlee’s Fitness Club for Women.

Workers have been busy for four months improving the place inside and out, and Shirlee’s will be opening soon. The wait has been excruciating for many of us, as we want our exercise oasis back! (You can see pictures of the new Shirlee’s on Shirlee’s FB page.)

My baby girl turned 14 in April, and is now old enough to join the gym herself. When Shirlee’s opens, (hopefully soon), she, too, will be a member. High school brings overwhelming stress for girls her age: grades, extracurricular activities, and social life in the age of FB, for example. I am hoping that Shirlee’s become an oasis for her as well—a place where she can relax, recharge, and be inspired by women of all ages, shapes, and sizes supporting each other.

If you know of a mom who needs some Me Time, let her know about Shirlee’s. Maybe she can ask for a Shirlee’s membership for Mother’s Day.



How to Stop Ads Based on Your Browsing

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011



Do you think it is super creepy when you computer seems to know what you’ve been up to? Let’s say your 4th grader is doing a book report on, say, Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa,  He spends a few hours Googling using keywords relating to the mission.  Next time you use the computer to buy something, you see in the checkout recommendations on books relating to the mission!   How did that happen?  Then you notice about a bazillion ads for wrinkle cream popping up. . . . how did the computer know you are a middle-aged woman?

Turns out it’s cookies: digital tracking beacons fed to your browser by websites you visit. These cookies allow a company you never heard of to keep track of you and market to you.

No, you never signed up giving permission to be tracked.  Who would?  But to get it to stop, you have to opt out.

About a month ago, I figured out how to opt out–it is super simple–and magically, the creepy Big-Brother marketing stopped!  What a relief.

Today’s LA Times article “Ad Companies Have Their Hands, or Cookies, in Your Browser,” gives a great overview on how these cookies work and how to get rid of them.  The article recommended checking back periodically to make sure your opt out is up to date

I went back to the opt-out site today, and sure enough, I found a few more ad networks I needed to opt out of.  A few clicks and I turned off all those nasty behavioral tracking cookies again.

Seems silly we have to opt out rather than opt in.  But it is easy to do.  I recommend it.

Bad enough that all the retail stores now have loyalty cards that track everything we buy, and Facebook keeps track of God-only-knows what about us.  We don’t need Big Browser giving away secrets to marketers as well.

Save with coupons! They really do work and you can save over half off at a restaurant near you!

Verizon No Longer Requires Data Plan on Samsung Rogue

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Did you know that Verizon no longer requires a data plan on its 3G feature phones, such as the Samsung Rogue?

My daughter and I got the Samsung Rogue last year because we liked the phone, but we did not want the data plan. For one thing, I did not want my 13-year-old to have instant internet access. For another, I did not want to pay for something we simply were not going to use. But when we finally got our turn to purchase the phones after waiting in a long line at the Verizon store, we found that Verizon required you to buy a data plan if you bought a 3G feature phone! Even if you told Verizon to disable the ability to go online, you still would have to pay the monthly fee.

We could either pay $30 for unlimited data per phone or $10 for 25MB of data per month. Instead of going back to look at phones that did not require a plan, we just sucked it up and got the $10 a month plan on each. Since you never know how much data you are using though, we did not access the internet much on the phone.

Each month–cha-ching!–I spent $20 for nothing. Kinda made me mad. After about a year (or $240 later), I find out that Verizon changed its data plans. One of the changes is that phones like the Rogue no longer require a data plan. Yea! I called Verizon and they took the data plan off my account!

So if you are a fellow Rogue phone user who does not use the data plan but pays for it, just call up Verizon and cancel the data plan. You will save $10 a month for each phone. Hey, every little bit helps!

Let me know if this is good news to you! I sure wish Verizon had let me know sooner.

By the way, if you like to save money, check out the deal from Take someone to lunch SAVE 60% on restaurant gift certificates! $25 gift certificates for only $10! The coupons are a really good way to save money.

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Smiley Survival

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Game Salad allows you to make your own games. Below is one Colman made. You have to view it using Safari. Won’t work in Firefox. To start the game hit the spacebar. You have to be quick with this game. Check out Game Salad to make your own game!

How to Save Big with Groupon

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Join the Rush to Save with Groupon


By now you’ve probably heard of Groupon, the company that grew ridiculously fast selling local coupons on the web.

Groupon ads pop up on Web sites like dandelions spring up in grass after a good rain. Even if you ignore Groupon ads on your screen, You can’t ignore the news about groupon.  Groupon just rejected a multi-billion takeover bid from Google. Groupon’s hype is so hot that last week it has raised almost $1 billion on its own, money it will use in its quest to expand all over the world.

What is all the noise about? And should you be signing up for their deals?

Groupon negotiates huge discounts—usually 50-90% off—with popular local businesses all over the country, and increasingly in other countries as well. Businessess scramble to offer deals through Groupon because they hope to gain new customers. Often companies are willing to give a product away or even take a loss to increase customer base. But Groupon’s local deal for the day is only good if enough people sign up for it.

How do you learn about Groupon special coupons in your area? Head on over to Groupon and sign up. Pick the location you want deals in. Then sit back and wait for the deals alerts to come to your inbox. If you see something you like, buy it fast. The offer is usually only good for one day. You can also sign up to see Groupon offers in your Twitter feed or Facebook feed.

You do not have to pay anything to sign up and Groupon does not sell your name all over the place either.

I recently bought my first Groupon coupon and found it really easy.  Groupon lets the average Joe leverage collective buying power in his own neighborhood for all sorts of things.

Last year, Groupon expanded its subscriber base 2,500 per cent! It went from in 2010, from two million to over 50 million. Check it out.

Preview of Ranger’s Apprentice Book 1

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

My son’s favorite book series is Ranger’s Apprentice. I am hooked, too. Read my review of the Rangers Apprentice series, and if you want to see what the first book is like, you can preview it below using Google Preview. Try out chapter 2 (not just chapter 1) because the very first chapter of the series is a little confusing at first.

The best deal on these books is to buy the first three in the series as a set on Amazon.

How to Visit the Crazy Horse Monument in SD

Friday, September 24th, 2010

The Crazy Horse Monument: Right Down the Road From Mt. Rushmore

In a cross-country family drive, you can’t miss Mount Rushmore. But did you know 17 miles down the road is another must-see sculpture carved out of a mountain? We stopped by to see the Crazy Horse Memorial, and found it more impressive than Rushmore. Started in 1948, the Crazy Horse sculpture is still in progress and when completed, it will be the world’s largest sculpture. I’m a little torn about carving up a sacred mountain, but I gotta admit the site–which includes a museum and lots of history about the sculpture–is fascinating.


At the top is Crazy Horse's head. The white markings are where the head of his horse will be. Scroll down to see pics of the models.

The sculpture’s final dimensions are planned to be 641 feet (195 m) wide and 563 feet (172 m) high. The head of Crazy Horse will be 87 feet (27 m) high; by comparison, the heads of the four U.S. Presidents at Mt. Rushmore each 60 feet (18 m) high.

What we found to be most impressive was not just the size of the undertaking, but the fact that is has all been done with sheer tenacity in both the carving (by blasting) and in fundraising. Unlike Mt. Rushmore, which received tax dollars, this project receives no federal or state support.


The project began when Polish American sculptor Korczak Ziółkowski, who had worked on Mount Rushmore received a letter from Chief Henry Standing Bear, which stated in part “My fellow chiefs and I would like the white man to know that the red man has great heroes, too.”  The project became a lifelong work for Ziółkowski, who died in 1982. In fact, his whole family, including his wife, Ruth, and their ten children worked on the Crazy Horse Project.

The site includes models the artist made so you can see what it will look like. It also includes a film about the project and a museum with lots of history so you can see how a mountain can be blasted with enough precision to make a sculpture. The museum also focuses on the sculptor and his family and includes a Native American Cultural Center with lots of artifacts and art.

crazy horse white carving

crazy horse bronze model

Model of the sculpture in the museum with the mountain in background.

crazy horse bronze model 2

The museum includes lots of info about the sculptor and his family.

The museum includes lots of info about the sculptor and his family.

Crazy Horse print
Crazy Horse by angelwingsfly
More Crazy Posters

If you are planning to see Mt. Rushmore, schedule half a day to also visit the Crazy Horse Memorial. Well worth the cost of admission. Bring camera. If you want more info, visit the Crazy Horse Memorial’s site.

crazy horse monument view from window

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How to Protect a Samsung Rogue Phone

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Zazz Up Your New Rogue Phone . . . and Protect It, Too

If you have a new Rogue phone, the first thing you want to do is get it a new case and a screen guard, so that you protect your investment. You won’t find much in the way of stylish Rogue phone cases at the Verizon sore, and what you do find there is waaaay overpriced.

Kiosks at the local mall may a a few options for cool Rogue phone cases. But your best bet for the best Rogue phone faceplates is online. With hundred of options, it can take time to find the best hard cover protector for a Rogue phone. We recently got two Rogue phones and my daughter and I spent hours picking the perfect Rogue case. I’m sharing the best ones we found so you can save time looking. We found that Amazon had pretty good prices. Here’s the ones my daughter and I picked.

Polka Dot Rogue Phone Case

Polka dot phone cases are hot.  We  found this cool polka dot phone case for the Rogue at Amazon. polkadotphonecase

We like some other dots ones as well.

These are all quality phone cases that are cheaper to buy online than at the mall, even with shipping.

The best deal though, for a more professional looking case, is the Body Glove black with textured glove material. This sells for $30 at the Verizon store, but you can get it online for less than $10 even with shipping. I got this case and love it. Check out the customer reviews on it on Amazon.

Don’t forget to get a screen guard as well. We are loving the Rogue, although it takes some getting used to the touch screen as it responds differently than an iphone or ipod. Hope our review of Rogue phone cases help!

By the way, did you know that Verizon no longer requires a data plan on the Rogue? See my post on how to take the data plan off your Verizon bill for more information.

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