Spa for Women Shuts Doors . . . Now What?

October 25th, 2011 by admin

Totally Bummed

When the Spa for Women in Upland, CA, shut its doors unexpectedly last week, many of us members were shocked and devastated. Where do we go now? Although the gym on Foothill near Mountain was not the classiest place, it offered the basics at a reasonable price and fellow members and staff felt like family. Many women have been going to the gym for decades.

Talking to fellow members I hear words of grief. “Devastated.” So Upset.” “Don’t know what I am going to do.” So bummed” “Mad.” “Lost” “That place was perfect for me . . . now what am I gonna do?”

The best thing about the Spa was the people. The instructors: all competent, friendly, and caring. The members: all down-to-earth women. You could go to the gym in your sweats without putting your make-up on and it was all good. I was there 13 years.

So now I am looking for a gym with yoga, step, Zumba, weights, and a pool that is close, affordable and has a clientele that makes me comfortable. I need a gym in Claremont or Upland or someplace close . . . too far and I will end up not going.

Looking on Yelp at reviews and it is not encouraging.

Many of us are wondering why the owner did not at the least try to arrange a discount at another gym for us. After all, most of us paid for multiple-year gym memberships, and now it looks like we are just out the money. I had 6 years left on mine.

With no FB page or email list, we are all just left to find a new gym home on our own. If you were a Spa member, please let me know what your plans are. Leave a comment below. I also started a Facebook group Bummed About the Spa for Women in Upland Closing in the hopes of reaching out to others in my situation. Maybe if we trade notes we can help each other find new gyms that work for each of us. Join it by going to Bummed about Spa for Women in Upland Closing Group.

Please pass the word along. Thank you.

If you want to contact me directly: email kim at


By the way:  there is a great new daily deal site just for the Inland Empire.  Local company that just started up and they need members. Check it out.

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  1. Sandi Smith Says:

    Hi Kim, just read your blog about the spa closing. I’m so sorry. In Aug, I saw an ad online for a Womens’ Focus group for 50+ Overweight & Sedentary for the month of Sept. at The Claremont Club. I had a great time attending lectures on health, fitness training, nutrition, and as of Oct 3 became a member, along with 20 ladies of the focus group. The Claremont Club is in Claremont, on Monte Vista, 2 blocks north of Foothill Blvd. We were discussing the closing yesterday in my Power Lunch Crunch class, everyone was shocked. I noticed on CC’s Facebook page that they are offering 2 week special just for Spa Fitness members:
    The Claremont Club
    If you are a current member of The Spa Fitness Center for Women in Upland, The Claremont Club would like to offer you a 2 Week Family Guest Pass to come in and try out our wonderful facilities. If you sign up for a membership before October 31, 2011, you pay only a $25 initiation fee. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!!
    (You must show your gym membership card)
    Yesterday at 3:35pm

    P.S. I’m new to this link business so I didn’t include the link to their Facebook page, but if you go to you can go from there. Great facilities, outstanding and knowledgeable instructors, yoga studio, pilates studio, weight room, bike studio, tennis and racquetball courts, two swimming pools, indoor and outdoor jacuzzis, sauna, steam rooms. Please come check it out. I can’t get enough, I’m usually there from 9am until 5-6 sometimes, depending on the day and exercise classes offered (check them out on the group exercise schedule). By the way, Yoga sessions are great-good selection of styles. Also, the age range is from 18 – 93 (you should see the 90 somethings play tennis and racquetball – it’s inspiring). Hope to see you there. Bye. Time for me to go to bed-early am intro Pilates session.
    Tried to email you, didn’t work, so I put the email on your blog.

  2. Sandi Smith Says:

    One more thing, there is also a day spa onsite with facials, massages (fabulous OMG, ask for Rena), nails, hair salon, and bodycare-waxing, etc. Okay, goodnight.

  3. Sandi Smith Says:

    One more last thing, no makeup necessary, seriously. They also have hairdryers, makeup tables with magnifying mirrors, body washes and lotions, towels, lockers (bring yr own padlock), just come workout, relax by the pool, have lunch under the oak trees w/cute squirrels, enjoy the scenery and meet and talk with the great members and staff. I sound like a commercial right, well I tell everyone I meet about this place, it’s very inspiring.
    OMG, it’s after midnight, I have to be up in a few hours to feed my animals and go to CC (yippee-who would have thought I would be excited to go work out). This is my final? goodnight – I can’t help it, I keep remembering things after I hit submit. Bye.

  4. admin Says:

    Thanks for the info re CC. I know some members are looking into it. Puzzling tho about the initiation “deal.” Thought when I first checked the CC website, it was offering free initiation to those w a gym card from another gym. Now that deal has disappeared. Would also help to extend the deadline, as many members really are still in grief and trying to sort things out. May take a few days with everyone’s busy schedule. And if they want to take advantage of the 2-week trial, it will end up after Oct 31. The CC is a great place tho and very close for some of us.

  5. admin Says:

    FYI: An all womens gym in Alta Loma is making as offer to former Spa members for access for free through end of year. Details are on the Bummed About Spa Closing group page on FB.

    Women’s Fitness Club
    9560 Baseline Rd
    Alta Loma, Ca 91701

  6. Andrea Haley Says:

    Sandi, I emailed the Claremont Tennis Club after our gym closed in Upland where we were members for many years with my daughter, but never gotten a reply from them! I didn’t know about their offer of a guest pass. We were members before in the past, but the Upland Spa was closer for us.

    Now it is too late, November 5, when I found this blog.

  7. admin Says:

    Andrea: I think they extended the offer. Please check with them. For the latest info please join the Bummed FB group listed above. A couple different options listed there by various local gyms.

  8. Fitness Center for Women Says:

    Sorry to hear about the closing. Sound like a nice place.

  9. Glenn Campolongo Says:

    Hi. I think there’s an issue with your links. I hope you are able to fix it!

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