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SAVE: Daily Deal Site for Inland Empire

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

My Quick Deals Offers Discounts on Inland Valley Businesses

Somehow I stumbled onto a new daily deal site that I want to share with friends and neighbors in Claremont and nearby areas. It is called MyQuickDeals and it is like Groupon and the other daily deal sites only better because all the deals are for local businesses!




Like right now, they have a deal for half off at Mt Fuji Garden center. You spend $20 and get $40 worth at Mt. Fuji! Another deal on now is for $99 you can get an IPL Photofacial and Glycolic Peel at a local Medspa–normally that would go for $400. Another deal was $7 for $14 for of yogurt or gelato.

MyQuickDeals is a local business. And they need more local people to sign up. It costs nothing to sign up. You are not bombarded with emails etc. Just one email a day. The offers look good. And the company is giving part of the proceeds to schools and local charities.

Here is some info about them from an email I got from them”

We are family owned and operated, and based in Upland. We started our business two months ago hoping to do three things: (1) provide truly localized deals to our neighbors in the west end of the Inland Empire, (2) provide local businesses with an alternative to Groupon & Living Social, which both charge businesses more, and (3) give back part of our proceeds to help local charities and school programs. For our business to work we need to get more people knowing about and using MyQuickDeals.

I am inviting you to check them out and sign up to support them and other local businesses that offer deals. You will also be helping yourself because it looks like they have some great deals! Let me know what you think and if you take advantage of any of their offers. Pass the word.

How to Save Big with Groupon

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Join the Rush to Save with Groupon


By now you’ve probably heard of Groupon, the company that grew ridiculously fast selling local coupons on the web.

Groupon ads pop up on Web sites like dandelions spring up in grass after a good rain. Even if you ignore Groupon ads on your screen, You can’t ignore the news about groupon.  Groupon just rejected a multi-billion takeover bid from Google. Groupon’s hype is so hot that last week it has raised almost $1 billion on its own, money it will use in its quest to expand all over the world.

What is all the noise about? And should you be signing up for their deals?

Groupon negotiates huge discounts—usually 50-90% off—with popular local businesses all over the country, and increasingly in other countries as well. Businessess scramble to offer deals through Groupon because they hope to gain new customers. Often companies are willing to give a product away or even take a loss to increase customer base. But Groupon’s local deal for the day is only good if enough people sign up for it.

How do you learn about Groupon special coupons in your area? Head on over to Groupon and sign up. Pick the location you want deals in. Then sit back and wait for the deals alerts to come to your inbox. If you see something you like, buy it fast. The offer is usually only good for one day. You can also sign up to see Groupon offers in your Twitter feed or Facebook feed.

You do not have to pay anything to sign up and Groupon does not sell your name all over the place either.

I recently bought my first Groupon coupon and found it really easy.  Groupon lets the average Joe leverage collective buying power in his own neighborhood for all sorts of things.

Last year, Groupon expanded its subscriber base 2,500 per cent! It went from in 2010, from two million to over 50 million. Check it out.

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