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Obama Chia: Is it bad enough to be a great gift?

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Obama Chia Determined[/caption]

Obama Chia Happy

Obama Chia Happy

Obama Chia Determined


Is an Obama Chia cool?

A knicknack in really bad taste can be a great gift simply because of its ironic value. Small tasteless, inexpensive items can be so goofy we find them oddly appealing. The Chia Pet, that terra cotta sculpture in the shape of a sheep that spouts chia seeds, has endured for more than two decades as a classic campy gift.

Although Chia Pets started out as a Chia Ram, over the years the company has offered lions, bunnies, donkeys and even licensed cartoon characters like Scooby Doo and Shaggy, Sponge Bob, and Homer Simpson.

Now I learn from an article in the LA Times that we are being offered an Obama Chia. In fact, we can get three presidents: Chia Obama, Chia Washington, and Chia Lincoln.

According the the Times, however, the company is having a tough time getting stores to sell the Obama Chia because stores are afraid people will think it racist.

Looking online, however, I see a number of stores, including Amazon, are selling.

My husband teaches in the politics department of a liberal arts college and he has several shelves devoted to his campy collection of political busts. Over the years he has bought or been given dozens of busts of leaders throughout history. His birthday is in November and last year I got him a President Obama bobblehead right after the election.  I’m trying to decide if the Obama Chia is the proper tone of tastelessness to enhance his collection. Is it just stupid? Or is it cool?  Still thinking about it.

And if I do decide to get one, which version should I get?

They offer Happy Obama Chia, and Determined Obama Chia. What do you think? Happy, determined, or none of the above?

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