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Make a Cool Poster in the Obama Style

My daughter's pic in Obama Style
My daughter

A fun site from pastemagazine.com allows you to quickly take a photo and turn it into art in the style of the iconic Obama poster.

Iconic campaign poster of Barack Obama
Iconic campaign poster of Barack Obama

Just go to Obamicon.me and follow the easy instructions.  The trick to make the poster look good is to play with the sliders that allow you to adjust how much dark blue, light blue, red and white is in the image.  As a Photoshop guru, I think this a neat little way for just about anyone to make a posterized image without having to know all about Photoshop.  You can then download, email or put the images into Facebook.  The site has more than a half million pics in the gallery now!

Most photos look great just doing it this way. If you want, you can go into Photoshop or another program first, and cut out the background so it has less detail. I did this with my puppy.  You can also edit the pic after you download it.  Make sure to change it from index color to rgb.  I also made the white whiter on mine. Have fun.

Very cool.  (Thanks, Rex, for showing me the site!) Try it.

My husband
My husband

If you just want to buy a Obama Hope campaign poster, check out this Aamzon link.

Amazon has a few other Obama items I like. Like this hat . . . .

And this company sells a cool little pins that looks like the front page of the newspaper for historic events. Check out the one about Obama making history. Would make a nifty little gift for an Obama supporter.

I love the superhero version of Obama on this t-shirt. There are tons of items at Amazon. These were my favorites.

Should Obama get a Labradoodle? Should you?

Should Obama pick a labradoodle?  We did. Smart. Cute. Fun.

When our labradoodle puppy Ginger feels she is not getting enough attention, she steals whatever is most precious to you and runs like crazy. Fast. Won’t drop it . . . even for a cookie. If you open the car door to trick her into thinking it’s a trip to the dog park, she won’t buy it. Until you change your mind to actually go to the park. Then somehow she knows, and jumps right in. So smart.

Labradoodle Ginger as a puppy.
Labradoodle Ginger as a puppy.

What does a labradoodle look like?

The fur can vary in color and texture. Depends on the fur of the lab mom and the poodle dad. Also on which generation the labradoodle is. First generation (lab and poodle parents) and second (2 labradoodle parents or labradoodle and poodle parent, for example). At one year Ginger’s fur is still silky soft. Fur can even vary within the same litter. Ginger recently celebrated her one-year birthday by having a playdate with two of her littermates. One sister is more curly and one is more lab-like.  party photos

The size can vary as well. Depends on the size of the poodle dad, standard to miniature. Our labradoodle Ginger has a 12 lb dad, and her mom was a regular lab.  At one year she is about 30 lbs. Perfect size for us.

Do a web search and come up with tons of images that show the wide variety of size and fur. People are often surprised that Ginger is a labradoodle as she does not have super curly fur. They also are surprised by her small size.

Ginger is good natured and great with kids. A watch dog: alert with a big-dog bark, not a yappy little-dog one. Her faults: she does tend to whine a bit. And contrary to reports that labradoodles do not shed, she does. But just a bit.  First generations tend to shed more. Oh, and like I said, she steals your stuff.

Obama wants to adopt from a shelter.  Labradoodles and goldendoodles are popular now and most breeders fetch a good price. He may not be able to find a “shelterdoodle.”

To see more labradoodle photos of Ginger as a puppy, check out my photo gallery: labradoodlephotos

Ginger with mom and dad
Ginger with mom and dad