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Verizon No Longer Requires Data Plan on Samsung Rogue

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Did you know that Verizon no longer requires a data plan on its 3G feature phones, such as the Samsung Rogue?

My daughter and I got the Samsung Rogue last year because we liked the phone, but we did not want the data plan. For one thing, I did not want my 13-year-old to have instant internet access. For another, I did not want to pay for something we simply were not going to use. But when we finally got our turn to purchase the phones after waiting in a long line at the Verizon store, we found that Verizon required you to buy a data plan if you bought a 3G feature phone! Even if you told Verizon to disable the ability to go online, you still would have to pay the monthly fee.

We could either pay $30 for unlimited data per phone or $10 for 25MB of data per month. Instead of going back to look at phones that did not require a plan, we just sucked it up and got the $10 a month plan on each. Since you never know how much data you are using though, we did not access the internet much on the phone.

Each month–cha-ching!–I spent $20 for nothing. Kinda made me mad. After about a year (or $240 later), I find out that Verizon changed its data plans. One of the changes is that phones like the Rogue no longer require a data plan. Yea! I called Verizon and they took the data plan off my account!

So if you are a fellow Rogue phone user who does not use the data plan but pays for it, just call up Verizon and cancel the data plan. You will save $10 a month for each phone. Hey, every little bit helps!

Let me know if this is good news to you! I sure wish Verizon had let me know sooner.

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