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Jedi Apprentice Book Series Review

Jedi Apprentice by Jude Watson: Best Star Wars Book Series


Can’t get enough of all things Star Wars? Did you know that Star Wars characters live on in a number of different book series, many of them aimed at youth readers?

My son is a huge Star Wars fan, so we checked out every Star Wars book in the LA County library system, plus we bought plenty many for the collection on his shelf.  I’ve read most of them as well.  By far, our favorite series is the Jedi Apprentice Series by Jude Watson (one book is by Dave Wolverton).

Jude Watson writes with great suspense, character development, and continuity of the Star Wars story.  She tells each story in a way that not only builds drama, but also reveals the Jedi ethos. She tells a good story that appeals to kids as well as adults.

Jedi Apprentice books have Accelerated Reading Tests. The AR interest level for Jedi Apprentice is between 4-6 and the AR points for Jedi Apprentice are usually about 4 points.

You can read each book out of order and it will make sense. But if you read the Jedi Apprentice series in order you will see references to prior books and the details keep continuity.

We have read other Star Wars book series, and they are OK, but Watson’s are the best.  Highly recommended. All the Jedi Apprentice Books at Amazon are available at this link.

A summary of the plot of each book at Wikipedia is below.

  • The Rising Force by Dave Wolverton (45 BBY) (Y)
  • The Dark Rival by Jude Watson (45 BBY) (Y)
  • The Hidden Past by Jude Watson (44 BBY) (Y)
  • The Mark of the Crown by Jude Watson (44 BBY) (Y)
  • The Defenders of the Dead by Jude Watson (44 BBY) (Y)
  • The Uncertain Path by Jude Watson (44 BBY) (Y)
  • The Captive Temple by Jude Watson (44 BBY) (Y)
  • The Day of Reckoning by Jude Watson (44 BBY) (Y)
  • The Fight for Truth by Jude Watson (43 BBY) (Y)
  • The Shattered Peace by Jude Watson (43 BBY) (Y)
  • The Deadly Hunter by Jude Watson (43 BBY) (Y)
  • The Evil Experiment by Jude Watson (43 BBY) (Y)
  • The Dangerous Rescue by Jude Watson (43 BBY) (Y)
  • The Ties That Bind by Jude Watson (41 BBY) (Y)
  • The Death of Hope by Jude Watson (41 BBY) (Y)
  • The Call to Vengeance by Jude Watson (41 BBY) (Y)
  • The Only Witness by Jude Watson (41 BBY) (Y)
  • The Threat Within by Jude Watson (40 BBY) (Y)
  • Special Edition #1: Deceptions by Jude Watson (41 BBY – 29 BBY) (Y)
  • Special Edition #2: The Followers by Jude Watson (40 BBY – 28 BBY) (Y)
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    Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice Book Series by Jude Watson