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February 26th, 2009 by admin

Buying used figure skates is risky business. But you can save half off or even more. Check out these tips from a figure skating mom.

Check eBay and other online sources (search “used figure skates” also try “ice skates“), and you will see lots of offers.

Check this link for skates at Amazon and you will find both new and used skates.

You can also find used skates at some skate shops and sports shops. Also check bulletin boards at the rink. Don’t buy the first cheap skate you see.

What to avoid: anything with heavy creases at the ankle, a sign that the boot is broken down and won’t support you; rough patches inside the boot, which can lead to blisters; and rusty or nicked blades.

Be sure you consider only boots and blades that fit your level of skating.  Do not buy a boot for a more advanced level, just because you can get a deal. More advanced boots are stiff to support jumps. You do not want super stiff boots if you are a beginner. New skates for advanced skaters are too stiff for beginners. The toe pick is also too big for beginners. Used skates can be less stiff, but the toe pick stays the same . . . still too big for beginners.

You take a risk when you buy used skates online because there is no way to test how broken down the leather is. That being said, I bought my daughter’s third pair (pictured here) used from a shop in New York without trying them on (we live in Southern California). They were the same brand and model as at our shop but half the price. I think I paid about $110, whereas the shop at the rink was charging about $250.  The photo and description looked good. And I felt comfortable about the shop owner after she told me exactly how to measure my daughter’s feet and asked many questions about her skating level. She sharpened the blades and threw in a pair of soakers. The only flaw: the chrome on the lace eyelets was not as shiny as the brand new ones her friends had.

I think used skates in good condition might be just fine for a beginner if you are careful about what you buy. A beginner might even like the fact that the skates were “broken in” a bit. More advanced skaters needing stability for jumps should probably steer clear of used skates. If possible have a coach check used skates out before you buy.

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If you are a skate mom and spend a lot of time at the rink, check out the Amazon Kindle. The best way to read while your daughter skates!

If you are thinking about buying new skates, please read my tips for buying new figure skates first.

Whether you buy used or new, please be sure to dry the blades after each use (so they won’t rust). See links below for more information on proper care of skates and blades.

Let me know if these tips on buying used ice skates helped. Good Luck.

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2 Responses to “Tips for buying used figure skates”

  1. danielle x Says:

    hi! Your comments were very useful and i now have a pair of new figure skates my coach helped me choose. i am still breaking them in and i just want to know…how do you tell that they are broken in?? are there ant signs at all? thank you and you were very helpful because i was thinking of getting used skates but i am at quite a high level such as double jumps but have only been skating for a year so i dont know much about it! thanks again xxxx

  2. kp Says:

    Congratulations on your new skates! Break your new skates in gradually by wearing them for short periods of time. If they start to hurt too much, take a break, and try again later. If you have a pressure point, like on the ankle, the skate shop can punch the skate out. They have special tools for doing it. Depending upon the brand of skate, it may be possible to have the skate shop heat fit the skate as well. They put it in a special oven, then you put your foot in and the skate molds to your foot while cooling. The skate shop can also stretch your skate boot as your feet grow. Initial fittings are usually included in cost of skates. Stretching or adjusting later will cost you a fee. Good luck!

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