Verizon No Longer Requires Data Plan on Samsung Rogue

June 11th, 2011 by admin

Did you know that Verizon no longer requires a data plan on its 3G feature phones, such as the Samsung Rogue?

My daughter and I got the Samsung Rogue last year because we liked the phone, but we did not want the data plan. For one thing, I did not want my 13-year-old to have instant internet access. For another, I did not want to pay for something we simply were not going to use. But when we finally got our turn to purchase the phones after waiting in a long line at the Verizon store, we found that Verizon required you to buy a data plan if you bought a 3G feature phone! Even if you told Verizon to disable the ability to go online, you still would have to pay the monthly fee.

We could either pay $30 for unlimited data per phone or $10 for 25MB of data per month. Instead of going back to look at phones that did not require a plan, we just sucked it up and got the $10 a month plan on each. Since you never know how much data you are using though, we did not access the internet much on the phone.

Each month–cha-ching!–I spent $20 for nothing. Kinda made me mad. After about a year (or $240 later), I find out that Verizon changed its data plans. One of the changes is that phones like the Rogue no longer require a data plan. Yea! I called Verizon and they took the data plan off my account!

So if you are a fellow Rogue phone user who does not use the data plan but pays for it, just call up Verizon and cancel the data plan. You will save $10 a month for each phone. Hey, every little bit helps!

Let me know if this is good news to you! I sure wish Verizon had let me know sooner.

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5 Responses to “Verizon No Longer Requires Data Plan on Samsung Rogue”

  1. will Says:

    Does this go for the prepaid phones too cause I have one and the customer service rep. Said I had to have data plain with my phone

  2. John Lee Says:


  3. ash Says:

    my verizon store still requires data so i called the national 800 number and they to confirmed i would have to pay data

  4. admin Says:

    I would not trust the 800 number completely. I have had issues with Verizon before and different people give you different answers. I would try the Verizon Twitter page. They have techs who help you on issues and they seem to know quite a bit. Also, if all else fails, look up the name of a Verizon VP near you and try to write to that VP directly. Very hard to get actual email names for the VPs, but when i did that I got a number of problems resolved.

  5. admin Says:

    Looking at the Verizon help age I see this:

    from: Re: Samsung Rogue requires data?
    MikeS_VZW WirelessEmployee
    MikeS_VZW Sep 16, 2011 7:00 PM (in response to DRAEGER)

    Hello All:

    I would like to set the record straight on the data package for Multi-Media phones such as the Rogue. They technically are supposed to have data packages. When they were launched, they did require a data package that could not be removed (much like a smartphone). Data packages offer a great value for using a lot of the features on the phone, you can stay connected, use VZ Navigator, Mobile Email, etc. etc. for only $10.00 per month.

    If you’re not convinced by my sales spiel, and you still want to remove the data plan, you CAN. This is a policy of ours to be able to remove data packages for situations where the customer truly has no use or need for one. If your representative doesn’t know about this, the policy can be viewed in Infomanager article number 52248. In lieu of the data package, you can opt to pay-as-you-go at $1.99 per MB, or block data altogether. The change must be processed by a customer service representative. They must manually remove the data pack and manually add a data/pay-as-you-go feature in the same order.

    Why is there so much confusion on this? When the phone launched, it did require a data pack. We had 3 phone categories: Smartphones, Basic Phones, and 3G Multi-Media Phones. We now only have 2 categories: Basic Phone and Smartphones. The 3G Multi-Media Phones got lumped in with the basic phones, and basic phones do not require data packages.

    I hope that clears the air!

    From this link:

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